Delivering the voice of the performer!

I interviewed the Shaman Macho Team!
They answered questions about surprise videos from around the world, Japan, changes in their lives, and how they train.

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Interviewer: Hey everyone, how are you? Let's get started. I'm going to ask you a few questions, so please answer. First question. What do you think of this video service? Alright, you, go ahead and answer.

Member 1: Well, what I think about this video service is that it's fun to do, and if someone spends money on the service, that money will also circulate to the people in this area. What I mean is, there are some people who have negative opinions about this service, but our team doesn't have that problem.

Interviewer: Yeah, that's right.

Member 1: The management and filming team rigorously review the content of the videos, and we know they are protecting us.

Interviewer: Thank you, that's great.

Member 1: You're welcome.

Interviewer: Next question. How much do you know about Japan? Quick, it's your turn.

Member 2: I like Japan's birthday song. I like Japanese culture and I love the country of Japan!

Interviewer: Great! Now, say a Japanese word for us.

Member 2: Leave it to me. How about "Ganbareyo," "Omedetou," "Gozaimasu"?

Interviewer: That's awesome! Next question. Has your life changed since starting this job? Alright, it's your turn at the back.

Member 3: Thank you for asking a good question. The answer to the question is, of course, yes. Before starting this job, I was in prison. But now, I am a very respectable person.

Interviewer: That's right.

Member 3: I can now spend time with my family, and my life has become very peaceful. Thanks to this job, I have become very happy. Now, I have become a responsible man.

Interviewer: Exactly. Alright, fourth question. What kind of exercises do you do for that physique? Alright, it's your turn next.

Member 4: There are many exercises you can do, but I will demonstrate a home exercise you can do right now. Watch me.

Interviewer: Great, show us.

Member 4: First, if you want to strengthen your arms, use this. If you want to build this muscle, it's called the bicep. This is the tricep. This is how you do it.

Interviewer: Very muscular.

Member 4: You can do it too. You can see that it works on the triceps from this angle, right? Now, let me show you another exercise. You probably want to work on your abs too.

Interviewer: Got it. Show us.

Member 4: Of course. Do this... Sit wherever you like at home or anywhere. And do this. See? This is how you do it. This is also good.

Interviewer: Looks very effective.

Member 4: It's very effective. Alright, now let's work on the shoulders. We'll use this again. Do it like this. There are really a lot of exercises you can do at home without going to the gym, so give it your best shot.

Interviewer: Thank you, that was very helpful. Alright, last question. There are many people in Japan who enjoy your videos. Please give them a message. Alright, it's your turn.

Member 5: Okay, thank you for watching our videos. It's very encouraging for us. We are enthusiastic about this job, and it makes us very happy to know that there are people who get energy from our work. I think this job can make everyone happy, so we want to continue doing it. Please support our team and place lots of orders.

Interviewer: Thank you, everyone!