Feedback on our website (similar services)

Regarding our service, we have received feedback about the existence of similar sites, so we would like to provide an explanation.
"Surprise Videos from Around the World" is a general term for message video services that use specific formats, and it is being offered by multiple operators domestically and internationally.

Our operation is in accordance with the specific commercial transaction laws stated on our website, and even if it may differ from the recognized operation, it is considered a competitive service and not a counterfeit.

It is also unrelated to BBC's reporting (discriminatory messages). As mentioned above, this is news from a different overseas operator due to being offered by multiple operators.
We thoroughly check all messages received and request modifications for any messages that are discriminatory, violent, or potentially hurtful.
We have also confirmed the compensation for local performers, ensuring that we pay better compensation than local general workers and have not encountered any financial disputes.
We understand your concerns and will continue to verify any issues as needed.

We operate with the intention of delivering smiles to everyone involved in the service, but we apologize for causing any worries due to these circumstances.
We hope that this explanation has helped alleviate some of your concerns.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via the inquiry form or DM on Twitter.